At Shiraz we use traditional techniques and skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Each of our team members has been trained and mentored by family members. However, while we use traditional techniques we also recognise the value of technology.

Within our Northwest London workshop, we have invested a hundred thousand pounds over the last five years to ensure that our facilities and equipment are tailored to produce the very best cleaning results. We continue to invest in order to improve the efficiency of our service - with equipment being specially commissioned to meet our needs.

As a result, the unique combination of traditional techniques and technology that we use at Shiraz allows us to offer unequalled cleaning services.

Our cleaning service involves:

  • Use of a specially commissioned "Persian Washing Bath" - this ensures that carpets are fully immersed at several stages of the process. This allows any dust or small particles that are deep within the pile to be removed. The removal of such particles is essential to the longevity of the rug, as if these particles remain they have an abrasive effect and therefore cause premature wear of the pile or foundation of the carpet.


  • Use of lanolin enriched cleaning products - the ideal way to preserve and protect the delicate natural fibres of handmade carpets.


  • Use of a specially commissioned, climate-controlled dehumidifying room - all rugs are dried in this specialised room to ensure dry, gently warmed air circulates throughout all the carpets to ensure a gentle dry.


  • Use of specialised dust removal machines.


  • Use of industrial centrifuge or alternative water removal system, depending on the nature of the carpet.



Knight Furnishing has built a reputation for the highest standard of restoration in the industry.
As a result we have built an extensive international customer base - dealing with European, American and of course UK clients.
We are equally happy dealing with individual jobs, small boutique retailers and larger organisations with multiple branches. We can confidently state that throughout the UK there is no other company that can match the experience and expertise of our restoration team.
Our team of restorers is renowned for the exceptional standard of restoration work. The team at Shiraz has restored over a thousand carpets (from hand-made antiques to contemporary machine-made pieces).
Restoring carpets to their former glory is truly a passion of ours. It therefore goes without saying that the restoration services we offer are outstanding.
We have premises in London and a large well established branch in Tehran therefore we can clean or repair single items and also complete large restoration jobs. This allows us to minimise our costs (and the cost to you, the customer) on larger restoration work. At all times we offer exceptionally high standards at very competitive process.




We supply underlay. Underlay is a vital piece of equipment to ensure that carpets and rugs do not wear prematurely.


We provide professional valuation services, to provide customers with written valuations for official purposes - such as insurance.


We offer free advice and consultation with respect to restoring any carpet or rug, at our workshop. Customers will generally be provided with alternative options - this allows our customers to feel in control of what remedial work is carried out to improve both the aesthetics and longevity of their piece.

We also offer free, informal, verbal valuations at our workshop in Northwest London.