About Us

At Knight Furnishing we recognise the value of selling quality goods and services.
Each of our team members has a vast amount of experience in buying, selling and restoring all styles of quality Oriental rugs.

The reputation of Shiraz Rugs has been built on over 50 years of experience in both buying hand-made rugs and carpets of exceptional quality,
plus, cleaning and restoring such pieces.

We source a range of carpets from around the globe - including Nepal, India, Iran and Afghanistan. Members of our team make several trips a year to ensure our items reflect the current market and are of the highest quality. We have fostered and built relationships with weavers and agents in all countries we purchase from. Our relationships with these people have been fostered and developed over many years, by working closely with both agents and weavers.
We demonstrate fairness, trust and respect in all aspects of our work with them
- therefore it allows us to source the best quality pieces at the most competitive prices.

Our experience cleaning and restoring a wide range of rugs and carpets is vast. We deal with both national and international customers, including European, American and UK clients. Our Head Technician qualified in the restoration and cleaning of rugs and carpets under the world’s leading Carpet Sellers Chamber of Guilds.
He is an expert in both cleaning and restoration of handmade carpets, and all our technicians are trained to a similar level.

Whatever your customer base or market needs, we are confident we can offer a service that suits you.